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Baby-sitters Club Snark-fest!
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Dissecting the unintentional hilarity of The Baby-sitters Club.
This community was created as a place for BSC fans to snark over anything and everything to do with The Babysitter's Club.

bsc_snark is for those who no longer consider ourselves "fans" of the Baby Sitter's Club, but can still see the humor in them. Every now and then you come across something that is just not quite right. Whether it be a sentence, a cover, the TV show/movie, merchandise, an entire book or anything else fantastically BSC-centric, if it's snark worthy, post it!

If you'd like to request that a specific book be snarked, you can comment on this post. Likewise if you're not sure which book you'd like to snark on have a look at that post to get some ideas on which books people would like to see recapped.

If your post is about general BSC discussion or questions - head on over to babysittersclub. If you want to sell books - bsc_trade. No spam and nothing off-topic please! It will be deleted. If you are not sure whether or not something is off-topic, private message one of the mods! We don't bite.

- If you're posting a snark in multiple parts please link back to all previous parts in your consecutive posts.
- Please don't snark chapter-by-chapter, we'd like a 3-5 chapter minimum at all times. (Meaning - make sure you have snarked at least three of the chapters in any regular BSC book before posting, three posts in total is a reasonable amount for any one book)
- We allow most language, as we are older teens and adults, but we draw the line at language used to offend a specific group. Please use common sense in what you post.
- Please tag your posts with the name and number of the book you're snarking (i.e. #1 Kristy's Great Idea).
- Absolutely no spam/off-topic/non snark posts. There are communities specifically for those type of things (listed below). This community isn't for posting observations and general comments about the BSC.

other BSC-related places
BSC Headquarters
What Claudia Wore

One last disclaimer: We intend no disrespect to anyone's childhoods, Scholastic, AMM or her ghosties. Many of us are simply seeing the funny side of a book series we loved dearly as kids. (We all have those.)

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