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Netflix Series Discussion

Want to discuss the Netflix series? Here is the space to do so! PLEASE mark the top of your post for whichever episodes you're spoiling or discussing, although each episode is pretty by the book, though there are some twists and diversions. (Which I like. Let's just say I get why they set the show now and not in the 90's, even though part of me was going "wait, where are the masks? What happened to social distancing?" LOL.)

Oh, and feel free to do or link to your own recaps! We're just taking a detour from the usual snark in this post. And don't forget to tell your friends about us! This is a great opportunity to rekindle all the snarky goodness. With love.

ETA: I created an easier system. See comments. Note that spoilers may still be visible, so read with caution and scroll liberally if you're spoiler sensitive.
Tags: netflix series!
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