author_by_night wrote in bsc_snark

Wakey wakey...?

So as people on the Facebook community have said, and I'm sure everyone's felt, bsc_snark on both DW and LJ have been very quiet as of late.

I'll own up to some responsibility. I became a moderator eleven years ago, almost twelve. I was still in college, and honestly, I think I was... maybe a little more engaged in the snarkier aspects of the internet than I am now, reading Cleolinda ALL the time, binging Nostalgia Critic videos, etc. I suspect that's how it is with a lot of you. I'm not as there as I used to be, especially as my life went to shit a few years ago, and it took me a while to come back from that. Now I'm very busy for other reasons.  That being said, I am very much still interested in analyzing literature, including books  I liked as a kid. (And still have a little bit of love for, deep down.) I also still love good snark.  And honestly, I love this community.  

So my question is this: Is there anything that would bolster your involvement here? Let joykilldrama and I know, either privately or in the comments. 


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