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BSC#59: Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym) - Baby-sitters Club Snark-fest! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dissecting the unintentional hilarity of The Baby-sitters Club.

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BSC#59: Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym) [Jun. 15th, 2012|05:16 pm]
Baby-sitters Club Snark-fest!


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My mission is to snark at least one book by each girl (probably sans Abby though, since I have very few of her books). This time, it’s Mallory! I loved this one growing up, I really did. It’s ghostwritten by Suzanne Weyn and I have to say, as much as I and others poke fun at her and the other ghosties, at least Suzanne’s own personal style shows. Seriously, this book is so teen angst and it says it in a different way than any other BSC book. So props for being “unique” as much as a BSC ghostwriter can be.

The cover: ZOMG, the boys actually look eleven, at least the front one does. They look really doofy pointing at Mallory, but hey, that’s what they do in this book. Mallory looks ok, but her head has what I like to call “Karen Syndrome” when it looks like they took an older woman’s head and put it on a kid’s body. Ha! She looks like a disgruntled secretary.
Tagline: “Boys and Gym. What a disgusting combination!” Ready for some teen angst from someone who’s not even a teenager yet? Here we go!

I found this one harder to snark. There's silliness but not as much as usual. Don't know whether to award Weyn a point for that or not...

Chapter One:
Mallory rushes into her house yelling about pandemonium because that’s the new vocab word of the week. We get a definition spelled out for us, too. Goody. Her siblings ignore her so she repeats herself. I don’t know why she even tries. Of course this leads Claire to think she’s talking about pandas and Nicky to think she’s talking about illness. And Vanessa to start singing about how it sounds like a cleaner for pans.
The triplets throw a Nerf ball at her head and then stupidly get mad when she doesn’t give it back. Uh, what did you expect? Mrs. Pike, who only ever appears when she needs someone else to watch her own children for her, appears immediately after she senses Mallory’s presence in the house. It’s like radar: Oldest child home, assault now! She tells Vanessa to turn the TV off (cuz TV is terrible in BSC land) and then expects Mallory to watch Claire. This makes no sense. Claire was with all the other children without Mrs. Pike watching before. Now that Mallory is home, though, that’s not ok. Happily, Mallory actually says no this time because Ben is coming over to do homework. Mrs. Pike looks like she wants to argue, but then shuts up probably because her daughter will refuse to baby-sit ever again if her grades drop. “I just wanted to make some phone calls. I can make them after supper.” What were you doing in the kitchen? NOT WATCHING YOUR CHILDREN. So what’s the difference now? Honestly. Mallory agrees to watch Claire after supper. There goes your authoritah.
Back to this Ben coming over for homework…WHY? Why in the worst place imaginable where you know that SEVEN CHILDREN are going to be loudly running around? She just spent a page talking about how pandemonium is a perfect description of her house. How smart of you to make a study date there. Sure, she has the right to study, but does she really expect peace and quiet?
Mallory vents about getting ready for studying and her appearance. She bitches about her braces and then says they’re clear. I’m shocked the Pikes would get her those since I’m pretty sure they cost more. She then whines that she’s old enough for contacts. I got contacts at eleven, but I think I was more responsible than Mallory. As in, I didn’t spend all of my time mooning about wanting to give my nose back to whatever family member it came from via genetics. (And I have the “Italian” nose that’s kind of big from side view, imo. It’s part of me, end of story.)
Ben’s an Aussie. Mallory wants the accent, too. (She used to want a French accent until she met Ben. D’awwwwwwwwwwww). Thank God we do not get a phonetic accent spelled out here from Ben and his brothers (Having them call “breakfast” “brecky” was too much stupidity to see again).
Ben comes in and observes that it’s quiet and spooky. Mallory thinks they’re in the clear since Mrs. Pike kicked the kids outside. I think she’s delusional. The boy Pikes think they’re being funnier than Robin Williams by letting Frodo the hamster run around while they’re studying. Worst. Prank. Ever. Oddly, Margo and Claire are well-behaved and bring Ben and Mallory cookies and lemonade without putting laxatives in them or some shit like that. The boys come back and use a tape recorder to play kissing sounds and embarrass the two. Mallory maturely shouts, “I’m going to brain you idiots!” To brain them? What the hell is that? Not something an eleven-year-old would say. Ben suggests they go to his house. THANK YOU. A place not filled with seven children. Mrs. Pike is actually in the yard with Claire at this point, by the way. Wow. Way to go Mrs. Pike, actually looking after your kids. The Hobart boys are actually well-behaved and don’t bother them and Mallory thinks it’s heaven. Poor Mallory.
Chapter 2
BSC meeting oh noes. Everyone teases her for being at Ben’s except for MA, who’s brought Logan with her. Blah blah blah, Chapter 2.
“We are soooooo glad to be junior officers,” says totally mature Mallory.
After calling Claudia unique, Mallory then says everyone in the club is. With your one or two set personality traits, you mean?
JESUS, is Ellen Miles the Queen of Parentheses? Because Suzanne Weyn (and Ann) must be princesses, then.
We helpfully learn that Stacey has her own extension, but not number. Too bad.
Mrs. Bruno calls and Logan doesn’t want to sit but is the only sitter able to. He’s sad because he wanted to go to a friend’s house since he has the Sports Channel. Is that really why, Logan? After your appearance in Peter Pan, I’ve wondered about you…
Mallory freaks the fuck out when she hears that they’re playing volleyball in gym-with the boys!
Chapter 3
Mallory freaks out more and doesn’t want to go to school. Her parents almost consider letting her stay home from school to avoid gym. Since they’re playing volleyball for several weeks I don’t see how that would be helpful since she’d have to miss a ton of school and would probably get held back. If she really wanted to get out of it, she’d have her mother write her a note about being unable to play or something. Anyway, the triplets ruin her chances of staying home by yelling that they want to stay home. Again, staying home from school that day would have accomplished nothing. She would have had to go eventually.
The Pikes snap back at Mallory when she says that she looks disgusting in gym clothes and inherited unathletic genes from someone. “Don’t look at your mother and me. For God’s sake we’re so athletic we had eight kids in six years, I mean we play a mean game of tennis.”
Mallory freaks out all day about how bad it’s going to be. I just want to say that I totally sympathized with Mallory reading this as a kid. I was an athlete myself, but in sixth grade the boys were mean and I got yelled at/picked on/mocked when I couldn’t play basketball well. It sucked, but I didn’t dread it all day. I sucked it up. I also dealt with the "getting picked last" thing. It was frustrating and I was also eleven at the time so it was even more angsty. But I cannot sympathize as much with Mallory since she nitpicks every tiny little point and freaks out when NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET. Like about being sent to the hospital and her parents regretting not letting her stay home. This is stupid.
Now here comes the part that made me want to snark the whole book. Mallory pretends to faint in the locker room to get out of playing. Not only is this incredibly dumb because it won’t get her out of the whole unit, but what’s even more hilarious is that when doesn’t hear a reaction, she thinks no one cares. Then realizes everyone is out of the locker room. LOL! Didn’t you notice that before you pretended to faint? Mrs. Walden comes in and makes her go out. Mallory bitches about the pinnies making the gym clothes look worse. I hated PE clothes, but honestly, if everyone’s wearing them, get over it. So far, the only person I’m annoyed with in this gym situation is Mallory. I know when you’re eleven you worry and if you’re unathletic, you’re worried. But pretending to faint, wanting to stay home from school, and freaking out about injuries before you play is ridiculous. What the hell has she been doing for other gym activities? I know she’s worried about boys being involved, but HONESTLY. Play first, and THEN complain if you must.
The gym teachers decide that they’ll pick teams at random and have them stay together the whole unit. That seems a bit silly to me. Sounds like you’ll have a better assortment if you switch up by the week or something so everyone gets used to playing with everyone. I guess they find this convenient or something. “I’m going to make a total jerk of myself!” Mallory says. When are these writers going to learn that they’re using “jerk” improperly?
The guy on the opposing team is smart. He aims straight for Mallory and she jumps back yelling. Honestly, if that happens once, fine. It’s ok to be surprised. But you know what to expect after that. I don’t understand why she keeps freaking out. She would have my sympathy if she was trying and people bitched at her. But she’s just standing there internally whining about how she didn’t ask to play. The way this is written, it makes it sound like she just hold her hands up and doesn’t do anything but stand like a statue. Also, this is not how volleyball works, specifically if you’re playing on a basketball court. No matter how well the guy aims for Mallory, it’s no big deal for the others to come over and hit the ball for her if she moves aside. Seriously. Finally, Robbie Mara figures this out and unfortunately has to hit Mallory to do it because she moves like a snail. She falls and tears hit her eyes. Evil Mrs. Walden actually asks if she’s ok, which is good. Then she rudely says that Mallory is “wimping out” on her team. It’s ok to say that she’s not trying but “wimping out” particularly after she’s fallen on the ground, is a poor choice of words. Ugh! Even if she wasn’t playing well, that’s ridiculous for a gym teacher to say to a student. “Put in effort” is more like it.
Chapter Four
Mallory heads off to baby-sit a four-year-old and infant, Jamie and Lucy Newton! I wouldn’t feel comfortable watching both and I’m over a decade older. Go figure.
One part of this chapter that always made me do a double take is when Mrs. Newton corrects Mallory that she’s getting a highlighting, not a haircut, and then Mallory says, “Whatever.” That just seems like a really rude response and I always found it out of place.
Jamie, who’s always so well-behaved in BSC canon, is not plot-devicily misbehaving at all to perpetuate that boys suck in this book. He throws crayons at his sleeping sister’s door and yells that he wants to call his friend from school.Jamie hides from Mallory and she can’t find him. She calls his friend from school and the line is busy. She decides she’ll call the operator for an emergency break-in if it’s not clear in a few minutes. Oh, the olden days. Mallory then debates going out and looking for him or changing Lucy’s diaper. She’s fearful that Jamie may have been kidnapped or hit by a car so I would say YES, GO LOOK FOR HIM. A little rash is better than a dead/kidnapped kid.Jamie yells boo and Mallory maturely calls him names when he calls her names. Wonderful. Jamie then knocks over a vase and cuts himself picking up the glass. Mallory cleans him up and he yells while Lucy yells. She says it’s the worst day of her life. Priorities, Mallory. Yes, it’s stressful, but c’mon!
Chapter Five
Extremely boring baby-sitting chapter where Jessi sits for her siblings. Squirt, as a male, misbehaves. He throws things while Becca is trying to make recipes from a health book given to her by Dawn to borrow for a while. (WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) Squirt throws pots and pans which sounds incredibly dangerous. I wouldn’t want the little kid playing with those! He throws a pot lid and it hits Becca while holding a full blender and it makes a huge mess. Becca miraculously is not hurt. All the pot lids I have would seriously injure you if you got hit with them. In BSC land there are only broken bones and concussions when it follows the plot, I suppose.
Chapter Six
Mallory irons her gym suit so it will look good like Jessi’s. And still feels dumb wearing it. I have to give points to Weyn for showing the internal angst of a self-conscious kid well, though. The whole "Why does Jessi looks so good in this gym suit and I don't" and "I look like a scarecrow thing" sounds pretty in line with someone who has low self-esteem.
Mallory claims she’s in a murderous mood about to play volleyball. Just go in and try to play. Ugh! To be fair, Mallory does go to serve. Not that she has a choice. Mrs. Walden does act like a total bitch with her “advice.” “Use your fist, not your open hand, Pike!” she yells. Excuse me? Either way is acceptable, lady. It’s a personal preference to have under or overhand. It’s been years since I’ve played, but I remember that much. I preferred to use my fist but many players were very good at using their hands. When Mallory does try, Mrs. Walden keeps yelling. I do sympathize here just because I’ve had that teacher who acts bitchy and helps you accomplish nothing. An actual demonstration and interpersonal talk (quietly) instead of hollering immaturely would have been more appropriate here. Mallory awesomely writes that she wishes she could pay Mrs. Walden all of her baby-sitting money to go away and shut up and just leave her alone. Mrs. Walden says to watch Helen Gallway because she has a mean serve. Mallory is livid and thinking about how much this means for her whole life. It won’t impact her career or anything. Good that you’re mature enough to recognize that Mallory. I really like this part, actually, and she’s absolutely right to point this out. It won’t impede her forever. However, you should also realize that you sucking at it ALSO DOESN’T MATTER FOREVER so get through the unit and it won't be a problem again! Mrs. Walden also shouldn't be treating her like crap. To tell a student to try is one thing, but she is blatantly harrassing Mallory at every turn in this chapter. "Pike, do this, do that!" She's really not helping and she knows it. Finally, Mrs. W goes away, presumably to shave her moustache.
Mallory gets hit in the face with the ball and freaks out. I don’t remember volleyballs hurting that much, but I suppose they can if you get hit in the nose hard. The kid asks if she’s ok and she yells at him. She is out of line calling names, but then Mrs. Walden is out of line when she comes over to see what’s up. She straight up says, “It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been daydreaming.” This I consider really fucked up. It reminds me of some self-entitled teachers I had back in the day. She wasn’t there and assumes the only way Mallory could have been hit was because she was daydreaming. THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU DO WHEN A STUDENT’S BEEN HIT. ACCUSATORY STATEMENTS HELP NO ONE. THE CORRECT RESPONSE IS TO MAKE SURE THE STUDENT IS OK, AND THEN  SAY TO BE CAREFUL AND WATCH OUT. No, really, I witnessed far too much of this crap going to school. The teacher would blame the victim a lot of the time (sometimes it was me, but it was usually someone else). "Timmy hit you with a rock? Well, you must have been antagonizing him for him to do that, so time out!" "You got hurt? Well, it's YOUR FAULT NOT THE SCHOOL'S."
Mallory, who we all call a punching bag, yells “Why don’t you try getting slammed in the head with a volleyball! Which is pretty brave of her, I have to say. I probably would have said I wasn’t daydreaming and been cross. Mrs. Walden benches her. Wow, good job, Mrs. W. Doing exactly what she wants anyway. Even Mallory notes how illogical the punishment is. Then again, I don’t know what else she would do as punishment. Detention for backtalk? Everyone watches and Mallory is glad she ironed her uniform before this.After gym, then Mrs. Walden asks about Mallory’s face. Nice.
So, while Mallory should have been trying and it was wrong to call names, I take her side over Mrs. Walden since she handled the matter incorrectly. I would be mad, too, for being blamed for my injury when the person accusing me wasn't even there to see it!
Jessi is a good friend and puts her arm around Mallory. Yay. Mrs. Pike annoyingly does intercept Mallory as soon as she comes home to baby-sit, but actually has a good reason this time since Margo puked at school she has to get her since the school didn’t want her walking. Margo pukes all the time so…anyway, the kids are misbehaving (the boys actually) and Mallory confiscates their ball. Yay for having a spine!
Sigh. Mallory decides it’s smart to just stay benched to get out of volleyball for the rest of the term. She actually thinks she can get away with it with no repercussions. Mallory, dude. Just no. She thinks all she needs is nerve. When Robbie Mara makes a lame joke, her decision is made.She benches herself, Mrs. Walden is like oh hells no, and then Mallory says she’s not playing and just sits. Detention! I remember when I got detention (happened twice, I think, very rare for me. This was in middle school) and I was like Mallory in going, Wow this is easy. You just sit here and do homework. But oh noes, their parents are getting written notifications! Mallory worries about what her parents think, but then says to herself, “When something works, you stay with it.” But this isn’t working. Getting detention for weeks in a row is not the answer.
Ben is nice to Mallory and sympathetic, telling her about how he heard the hot gossip. She marvels at how it’s hard to believe he’s a boy since he’s great. He sensibly tells her not to do it for the rest of the unit, but she disagrees. He then nicely says he’ll wait for her to get out of detention every day until the unit is over. Yay. Mallory then plans to commit Mail Fraud by intercepting the detention letter. She knows it’s wrong, but it’s only for a bit. I was never a bad girl or anything, but in middle school I went through a rough patch and a teacher called my house (I felt about math the way Mallory feels about volleyball). I deleted the voicemail. Now I am confessing it these years later, what a relief. Just kidding, since I actually did confess to my mother since I disagreed with the teacher’s handling of the matter. It turned out ok, fyi. It sucks to confess that I was similar to Mallory ;)
Chapter 8
LOGAN’s handwriting? Whaat?
Hunter throws his toys and refuses Logan’s cooking. T_T His sister is well-behaved though. How not plot-devicy!
Logan comes to the BSC meeting and Mallory is not happy to see him even though he’s nice because she’s mad at boys. THANKS, MALLORY. WAY TO LUMP EVERYONE TOGETHER. She’s also annoyed because they can’t be complete animals when he’s there and have to be more mature. They can’t discuss bras! Mallory is mad because she spent all detention looking forward to the meeting and him being there sucks. She only wants to see ladies right now. After how nice Ben has been, this is not making me sympathize. They talk about how their boy charges have been terrors. Stacey sensibly wonders if they’re favoring the girls by accident, but that gets ruled out. They ask Logan, since as a boy he must know and he says, “I dunno, I haven’t been acting strangely.” Luckily, that spying on MA while baby-sitting and calling her a jillion times was several books ago.
Mallory declares that boys are pains and girls aren’t. “That’s just how it seems.” Then she volunteers for a job with Charlotte and says she probably wouldn’t have if Charlotte was a boy. Way to biased, Mallory.
Mallory: But boys love to play volleyball so that proves it! Only people who are pains at heart could love such a dumb game.
Jessi: For such a smart person you can be really illogical sometimes. (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I’m happy). Besides, I kind of like volleyball.
Mallory insists that Jessi must have a concussion to say such a thing. Because God forbid someone likes something you don’t, guys.
Chapter 9
Charlotte is good and the Hobart boys are good. Mallory says that it must be gym that does this, then, starting in middle school.
“I was glad this wasn’t a world-wide syndrome. Stoneybrook was simply the worst offender.” Have you BEEN anywhere else long enough to conclude such a thing?
“That left some hope. When I was older, I could move somewhere else (like Australia or Kentucky) where boys are more like human beings.” W….T……F…….I know she references Australia because of Ben, but where the f did Kentucky come from? And who says anything will be different in other places?
Ben talks to Mallory about the stolen mail when he comes home. He sensibly reminds her that she’ll fail gym if she doesn’t participate. DUH!
Chapter 10
She says she’ll try. But even then she gets in position to “cover her head in case the ball came” rather than a preparation to, ya know, hit it back!
Mallory doesn’t even try. She just claims it goes against her nature. She gives up when Helen is upset. UGH. Again, if she would just even make an attempt to hit the ball, just anything, then I would sympathize. Getting yelled at when you try sucks ass. But she’s just whining and doesn’t try.
Mrs. Walden comes over to the bench. At first she tells Mallory to try. Then she pisses me off by saying by quitting volleyball, Mallory will be a quitter forever. I fucking hate that kind of comparison. Just because she quit volleyball does not mean she’ll quit college! Mallory realizes the stupidity of the comparison and it makes her crabbier. Quitting volleyball at 11 does not equal being a failure! So Mrs. Walden, please shut the hell up.
Mrs. Walden makes Mallory wash the pinnies after school, which I’m not sure is legal. And luckily for her, Mallory knows how to do laundry. Many eleven year olds (I didn’t do the laundry at that age, so I include myself here) might have caused a flood or something.
The boys look at her while she washes them and make fun of her.
Chapter 11
We finally see a real baby-sitting job here with actual rebellious children! David Michael and Kristy PHYSICALLY fight over objects and radio volume. Andrew takes things away from EM. Kristy literally throws radio batteries out the window to get them away from DM. Ha! No word on Karen except for that she’s “helping.” By the time the adults get home, everyone including Kristy is sleeping.
Mallory doesn’t get home in time to intercept the mail and she and her mother have a heart-to-heart.
At the Hobarts, Mallory wishes she could have them as brothers and they arrange a Brothers Switch!
Chapter 12
Switch time. Nicky awesomely says, “Yipee, Mrs. Hobart is a great cook.” Mrs. Pike glares at him after that. Ha!
+1 to Suzanne Weyn for having the triplets happy that the Hobart home has Nintendo games rather than Leave it to Beaver access.
The parents all agree, but are confused as to why this would be occurring.Mallory foolishly thinks that even though there are still three girls in the house there to perpetuate naughtiness, the boys will behave perfectly. Oh, jeez. I totally don’t see where this is going. Particularly after they misinterpret “rec” room as “wreck.” Mallory is supposed to watch the kids but does homework for forty-five minutes before getting suspicious that she doesn’t hear anything.
“You wouldn’t believe what I found in the bathroom.” Yes, I would. An absolute sty on top of the rec room. Claire is in the overflowing tub zapping people with foam and the kids and all wet. Mallory yells at Vanessa (I’ve always been annoyed with Vanessa so I find this great. I find her to be an overgrown Karen) about the danger . This is the biggest fiasco they cause but generally they act like kids telling scary stories and playing hide and go seek. Mallory is upset because she assumed the Hobarts were perfect.
Delusional Mallory strikes again!
Chapter 13
Johnny can’t sleep. James falls out of the bunk and hurts himself at three in the morning. At eight he knocks on Mallory’s door and says he wants to go home so his dad can take him to the hospital. Mallory calls but gets no answer. So she tells him to watch TV. She’s really tired at this point and then the other Hobarts get up. They want cereal, but when Mallory prepares it, they think it’s gross because it’s low-fat milk. Must’ve been crappy cereal to not mask the taste difference one bit. Ben calls and predictably the Pike boys behaved perfectly. I’m not surprised. If you’re the guest in someone else’s house and there are no other children there for you to misbehave with and encourage you to behave badly, you’ll probably do fine. Or they’ll send you packing.
Mallory vows never to do the brother switch again.
Chapter 14
Mrs. Walden behaves humanely when Mallory asks for help. She says she’ll talk to the boys and have them lay off her a little. Mallory actually tries to play and returns the ball twice (once into the net). Then the unit is over and they play archery. Mallory is amazing at it, just like Jessi mastering Spanish in one week! ZOMG! This chapter is meh, and Mallory manages to be annoying when she zips one of the kids who wasn’t that nice to her before when he can’t play archery that well. Way to take the high road. Mrs. Walden tells her she should try out for the team.
Chapter 15
Mallory makes the team. Yay. I played for the first semester of college and enjoyed it. But having eleven-year-olds play sounds like a liability situation waiting to happen. One of the kids actually does cut himself with the feather. Lawsuit! Her brothers make her a cake to congratulate her on making the team. Boring.

This book was harder to snark than I thought it would be. Mallory is usually fun to punch at, but here she was a bit more relatable. This book also didn't have as much WTF-ery as the other books I've snarked. Next time I'm doing Jessi's Baby-sitter and I know I remember more snark-worthiness in that one!


[User Picture]From: road_baby
2012-06-16 01:20 am (UTC)
Great snark! I wanted to snark this one myself (my copy is packed with snark notes) but I'm pretty lazy. This one drove me crazy because of Mallory's crappy attitude. I just want to punch her and sceam 'Get over it!"

I hated gym at that age too but I never cried about it. I just put in zero effort into everything. Luckily I went to a pretty crap school where the gym teachers didn't give a shit if you tried or not.

Mrs. Newton corrects Mallory that she’s getting a highlighting, not a haircut, and then Mallory says, “Whatever.” That just seems like a really rude response and I always found it out of place.

I know right? I thought the exact same thing!

I never got why Mallory didn't use the perfect excuse of getting hit in the face to go to the nurse and get out of gym.

Mallory insists that Jessi must have a concussion to say such a thing. Because God forbid someone likes something you don’t, guys.

This! God I wanted to smack Mal for this! There's shows my friends love that I refuse to watch and I don't think they've been concussed for liking them! We have an understanding about that kind of thing because were actual good friends!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lavenderosemary
2012-06-16 02:17 am (UTC)
They used that "all boys being horrible at the same time" plot contrivance in LS #17 Karen's Brothers. Half the time they aren't even being all that bad though, it's just the main character wangsting on and on.

Your comments about mean-spirited teachers blaming the victim during gym/recess? Spot on. In the fifth grade another girl in my class accidentally hit me HARD in the face with a stray ball, after which she apologized profusely and was doing everything in her power to help me, got an ice pack, etc. The teacher's monumental effort? Was this remark to me as I was still crying, and I quote, "Well, you shouldn't have been in the way." I WAS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE PLAYGROUND YOU HEINOUS BITCH.

Not that I hold a grudge or anything.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: awishfuldreamer
2012-06-16 02:33 am (UTC)
We had these heinous "noon aides" who would oversee recess in elementary school. They were rude and mean to all students. One time a friend of mine was hurt and crying and I asked what was wrong and one of the noon aides was like, "It's none of your business!" This same woman was also remarkably unhelpful in actually aiding those who were hurt and would always play the blame game right at the victim. They really only cared about not getting sued over the children's safety. I don't think that these sort of people realize that others will remember their behavior years later. There were simply too many of these sort of teachers around when I was growing up. So I have to give kudos to Suzanne Weyn for including Mrs. Walden and not having her be perfect.

I'm sorry you got hit. I don't understand how any adult can think that this sort of blaming will lead to anything constructive.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)
[User Picture]From: queenhyprshadow
2012-06-16 02:20 am (UTC)
She bitches about her braces and then says they’re clear. I’m shocked the Pikes would get her those since I’m pretty sure they cost more.

I'm pretty sure they cost more too. Clear braces look better than metal ones. And on those two accounts, Mal needs to shut up and be grateful she didn't get less expensive, metal brackets.

Mrs. Walden is a nuisance until she sympathizes with Mal toward the end.

(I’ve always been annoyed with Vanessa so I find this great. I find her to be an overgrown Karen)

Yes. Except Vanessa's rhyming is more annoying than Karen's lack of contractions (imo).
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: blueholocaust
2012-06-30 02:02 pm (UTC)
I always assumed she meant the removable ones with the clear palate, rather than the metal ones which attach to your teeth. I had the palate kind because it was for expanding my jaw and I had to crank it wider every couple of weeks, and I was a bit of a Mallory myself, so... :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: soundfurious
2012-06-16 02:45 am (UTC)
I know she references Australia because of Ben, but where the f did Kentucky come from? And who says anything will be different in other places?

Well, I assume because of Logan. And, I've always fallen into the trap of thinking that people can't possibly be as disgusting elsewhere. I guess it gives us hope, because if you're dealing with a lot of jerks, you'd rather think there's a way out than know that you can't ever escape.

When Mallory breaks into the late nineties and starts hanging out online, she'll see that there are some nasty characters from EVERYWHERE.

I’ve always been annoyed with Vanessa so I find this great. I find her to be an overgrown Karen

Weird, I always thought of Vanessa as one of the least annoying kids. The rhyming, sure, but Mallory said once that she never has to hide her writing from Vanessa because she knows she'd never peek, and sometimes she helps corral the other kids. She's the only Pike sibling I like.

When I first read this book, I was so jealous Mallory got to take archery in gym. When we finally got to take it in tenth grade, I was so scared shitless that I'd cut myself with the (plastic) feather that I kind of barely pulled the bow back every time. And it was because of this book. Thanks, Mallory.
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[User Picture]From: awishfuldreamer
2012-06-16 06:22 am (UTC)
D'oh I should have remembered about Louisville! (I mean, "Luy-ville" according to phonetics haha). I, too, have often dwelled on the "grass is always greener." Mallory is overboard though, of course :)

I think Vanessa really got on my nerves in this one because she seemed so nonchalant about the huge mess and was just like "Oh, we were going to clean it up." She just seemed to get in the way sometimes. I have to say she's probably the least annoying Pike to me. The triplets' pranks, Nicky wangst, Claire/Margo being really hyper...Vanessa's rhyming is super annoying, but yeah, probably the best kid of the pack for the most part.

I know, this book made it sound so easy to cut yourself! My biggest problem was hitting my arm, since I'm double-jointed. I wore the big arm guard but would bruise my arm so badly. I quit because of time. Second semester freshman year I realized the workload of college was only going to get bigger so I choice my other sport to stick with. I do miss it a lot. Can't believe it's been over three years!
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[User Picture]From: lauraflute
2012-06-16 04:30 am (UTC)
I've never read this book so I don't know if this crucial step isn't in there or left out for for concise snarking.* It's been almost 20 years since I was in sixth grade and I clearly remember before any of us were turned loose on a volleyball court in teams we were taught, you know, HOW TO PLAY VOLLEYBALL. I'm pretty sure the entire first day of the unit was bouncing volleyballs off our forearms and extending our passing range. Then just passing it back and forth over the net. Then serving. Then some semblance of an actual game where we learned how to rotate and call the ball so no one's head got bashed in. And then we played a real game. My gym teacher was awesome, though. We weren't allowed to spike in class play (too much risk for bloody noses), but she lined us all on one side of the net and taught us how so no one could claim ignorance if they got pulled out for it.

*Edit -- Now that I re-read the snark it's entirely possible all that legwork took place before the book started, but knowing the BSC world I wouldn't be surprised if not.

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[User Picture]From: awishfuldreamer
2012-06-16 06:51 am (UTC)
Yep, they don't get trained at all. Just put on teams and shoved right out on the court to play!
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From: (Anonymous)
2012-06-16 06:48 am (UTC)
In my PE classes, the teachers always let us split up to play competively (that is, you actually know what you're doing) or just for fun. That would have solved so many problems in this book.

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[User Picture]From: kakeochi_umai
2012-06-16 11:59 am (UTC)
I don't know why Mal didn't just book the study date at Ben's house to begin with. Hell, if I lived with the Pikes I'd spend as little time in that house as humanly possible anyway.

Why do they have to wear pinnies while playing volleyball? Aren't they on opposite sides of a net?

While I managed to suck up my eight years of PE hell without whining too much (though I did meet one of my best friends when we were both complaining about a communal PE class), it helped that my teachers weren't assholes like Mallory's. Gee, it sure is surprising that the shy, self-conscious girl is afraid to try when you're SINGLING HER OUT FOR HUMILIATION AND ALLOWING THE OTHER KIDS TO BULLY HER. JESUS. I really want Mallory to go on to become a hardcore gym bunny like I did and pwn Ms Walden at something (the Hunger Games class, maybe? It's got archery in it!)

"Use your fist, not your open hand, Pike!"
My GOD, my mind is in the gutter today. I like to think that if this book had happened in 2012, Mal would've said "That's what she said".

Mallory: But boys love to play volleyball so that proves it! Only people who are pains at heart could love such a dumb game.
I would bet money that there's at least one boy in the class having the same problem. And he probably has to deal with being called a sissy on top of everything else.

“You wouldn’t believe what I found in the bathroom.”
OK, I can't be the only one who immediately thought of this.

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[User Picture]From: awishfuldreamer
2012-06-19 07:39 am (UTC)
I really wish a stray volleyball had hit Ms. Walden in the head :)

LOL at your fist mind in the gutter moment.
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[User Picture]From: mimithemuse
2012-06-16 07:13 pm (UTC)
Great snark!

I loved this one as a kid too because I absolutely sucked at gym. I have no athletic ability outside of horse back riding, and it was pretty obvious any time I was forced to interact with a ball. BUT I did try, because I knew if I didn't the other kids would be up my ass even more. Somehow I survived. And Mallory was right, it's never impacted my writing career. Her crappy attitude, however, could have impacted her future. At some point you have to learn to put on your big girl panties and deal.

And I think the Brother swap experiment proved that the Pike GIRLS were the ones causing the chaos XD
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[User Picture]From: corduroyspocket
2012-06-16 08:22 pm (UTC)
I can't look at the cover for this book without hearing the opening notes of the `Daria' theme song.
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[User Picture]From: teahound
2012-06-17 03:29 pm (UTC)
Oh god same lol.
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[User Picture]From: rational_twists
2012-06-17 05:19 pm (UTC)
I loved gym when I was in school, even though in elementary and middle school, my teacher was a heinous bitch. One time, I think I was in 5th or 6th grade and we were shooting baskets and I was doing terribly and getting upset. That was when I had my first ever asthma attack, even though I didn't know at the time what was happening. All I knew was that I couldn't breathe and I went to lie on the ground. And my teacher yelled from across the gym, "GET UP!" I was such a Mary Anne at that time that I never told her that I couldn't breathe and I was able to get my breathing under control on my own. But yeah.

The boys also throw dodgeballs at me as hard as they could from a few feet away and my teacher also never did anything about it. The moral of the story is, I don't really know why I loved gym as much as I did. It did get MUCH better in high school, but I also went to an all-girls school, so who knows if that had anything to do with it.
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[User Picture]From: aceattorneysho
2012-06-19 11:17 pm (UTC)
Oh Mallory... So many times in PE, due to my lack of part of my left arm and no left hand, I too felt like I wanted to sit out and not do anything. That's why I often picked the female gym teachers in high school. They did the easy shit that usually only required very little adaptation in what I did. I sucked ass at volleyball but I at least knew how to get out of the way when people tried to cover for me.

The only time I sort of gave up was when I got stuck with a male teacher and we had to do weight training for almost the whole semester. Even then I put as much weight as my prosthetic could handle on the machines and did a few reps while just being the designated spotter for the rest of the class. Though... I think I broke one of the spots where a screw was in that arm... Either way I still did something.

Hell, I even did swimming TWICE in PE even though I was/am way too self conscious in the pool AND had to do it all one handed.
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[User Picture]From: awishfuldreamer
2012-06-20 05:22 am (UTC)
You pwn Mallory so hard. Her only excuse is being "unathletic" and "looking terrible in gym clothes." Maybe it's good the BSC stopped aging. Because Mallory at 13 or later on down the line in puberty would have been way worse! Like worse than MA saying she couldn't search for her missing friends because of her sensitive skin. I envision a situation such as: "I would have saved Jamie from being hit by that car instead of Ben, but I was so afraid of looking silly running across the street and being a huge dork." I'm still getting over being self-conscious and didn't even want to go up on stage for college graduation (I did, of course) but Mallory is the Queen, no, the Goddess of Insecurity and Worrying.

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[User Picture]From: raven_rabit
2012-06-23 04:05 am (UTC)
I don’t remember volleyballs hurting that much, but I suppose they can if you get hit in the nose hard.

omfg volleyballs hurt!!! They are the WORSE ball to be hit with, and I've been hit with almost every kind of sports ball there is. I'd rather be hit with a softball [which aren't soft obviously] than a volleyball. I was not super athletic in middle/high school, but I did try. I actually liked volleyball [mostly b/c Sailor Venus was a KICK ASS VOLLEYBALL PLAYER], even though I couldn't go a week while we did it without getting hit in the face by the damn ball. And wearing glasses make it worse when you're hit in the face with a ball b/c then there's this extra thing being SMASHED INTO YOUR FACE that's also got some pointy parts. Plus, it is rather embarrassing, especially if you start crying [and you don't really have control of that since IT HURTS] and some jackass on the other team goes "omg is she crying?" So I can kind of understand Mallory wanting to sit out on a bench? But it's way better to just go back and keep trying to knock the kid's head off when it's your turn to serve.

Funny thing though, non of my wonderful gym teachers ever blamed me for getting hit. They made sure I was okay, I said, Yeah. And we were off again. The one time I wasn't okay, they were perfectly fine with me sitting out for a round or two to recover. See, they kind of knew that since I was 12 and didn't play volleyball outside of school, and had probably never played it before, I was bound to miss a hit or misjudge where I should be. I wasn't athletic, but I loved my gym teachers. [Also, I didn't mint gym uniforms either. I was glad to have something to sweat and move around in that was comfortable.]

Good snark, I laughed at bits! <3
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[User Picture]From: awishfuldreamer
2012-06-23 05:27 am (UTC)
I played softball in middle school and got hit in the head once when I missed the ball. That was the absolute worst I ever experienced. I did get hit with volleyballs a couple of times, but they were on the top of the head so that's probably why I was ok. Anything hitting you in the face sounds just awful! I totally cried when I got hit with the softball, but that was a team so they all understood. But in gym getting hurt, crying was embarrassing because they would poke fun. Lame! In any case, Ms. Walden was absolutely out of line when dealing with an injured student.

Glad you had nice gym teachers! I remember I hated my sixth grade gym teacher at first because he wasn't very nice but then when I came back in 8th grade we were like best buddies. Yeah...don't know what happened there lol. I saw him again when I was a senior in high school and he remembered my name and everything. I felt touched :D
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From: shatisarockgod
2017-02-17 08:01 am (UTC)
Back to this Ben coming over for homework…WHY? Why in the worst place imaginable where you know that SEVEN CHILDREN are going to be loudly running around? --*applauds* Exactly!

“Don’t look at your mother and me. For God’s sake we’re so athletic we had eight kids in six years, I mean we play a mean game of tennis.”--LMFAO!

Mrs. Walden keeps yelling.--Kristy's gonna become a gym teacher when she grows up!

Well, you must have been antagonizing him for him to do that, so time out!"--I really wonder how much of that is fear? If this kid has the nerve to throw a rock at this person, what would they do to me if I called them out? Better call out the safer of the two.

Mallory is glad she ironed her uniform before this--Am I getting to be a Kristy with this line of thought? What's the point in ironing a gym uniform? I take it the uniform is exactly like it's pictured on the cover--a basic white t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. Why iron that? It's gonna get sweaty and messed up anyway.
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