alula_auburn (alula_auburn) wrote in bsc_snark,

Don't Give Up, Mallory! Part 1

. . .on second thought, go ahead and give up, Mallory.

Shout-out to  kakeochi_umai or the request!

Is it just me, or does Mallory get a bunch of titles in non-standard form?  By which I mean, I think of standard as “Sitter’s Name and the Particular WTF,” or possibly “Sitter Name’s Stupid Thing.”  But Mal gets creepster greetings (Hellloooo, Mallory!), condescending pity (Poor Mallory!), imperatives (Get Well Soon, Mallory! and this one.)  Another sign of how Ann hates her?

The cover.  I. . .kind of like it!  

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Tags: #108 don't give up mallory, ann hates mal, beecham & hillgartner: bad and horrible, creepy involvement with kids, kristy is crazy, mal must suffer, mallory, mallory: completely delusional?, things ann knows nothing about, waaaank
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