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The sacred and the profane

Do you guys know that Jewel song? The one with the thing. "As though being born were a sin". She's pieces of you! Ya'll definitely know what I mean and don't wish I would just google the lyrics/title and start over with this exhausting introduction. We're all having a great time and no one is concerned about where I'm going with this.

The gist is, I guess, that sometimes we hate what is most identified in ourselves! You hate on and hate on and hate on, and then you realize it was your own insecurities making you hate on a person because you really hate yourself. That is the Jewel song I mean. And that is how I've come to feel about Karen! We're basically the same person? Except I got to continue growing and now I'm twenty-five and she only got about a thousand seventh birthdays. Let's check out the factz: both blue-eyed, blonde, glasses-wearing goddesses, despised beloved by all who know us, endearingly narcissistic and, most relevant to this recap, habitual liars to the point of sociopathy. What I am trying to say is, maybe I judged too soon, when really I should be celebrating Karen's defects. Maybe I only recap Karen books because, just like her, I want to make everything about myself.

All I know is, every single thing she did in this book reminded me of myself and you are all going to help me come to terms with that.

Show and Share! I bought this at a used book store today! Along with On Beauty because I care about how strangers regard me. What is Show and Share even doing on the cover of this book? Is "Show and Tell" copyrighted by elementary schools all over North America? Karen is psyched about whatever she's talking about, and Natalie and some dude who is not disabled enough to be sitting up front are about to straight up lose it. Why does Natalie have a jar of seashells? What is there to share about that? Is she going to literally share them? Because. That is pretty alright. As always, Natalie is flawless.

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