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[sticky post] Spambots/spam Thread [Jul. 9th, 2014|07:51 am]

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Apparently we are getting a lot of spam... I apologize for not catching it.

In the meantime, if you get any spam, please let the mods know instead of deleting so we can report it. You can actually report it to us in this thread for now.

EDIT 1: As a temporary measure (I hope), I have set a recaptcha requirement for all non-members who post comments. I hate to do this because I realize recaptcha can be problematic for some people (myself included, honestly), but hopefully it'll be very temporary I tested this one and it didn't work, so instead, all non-member comments will be screened for now, as a temporary measure. Please let me know if this causes anyone major problems. 
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Mystery #14 Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall [Sep. 19th, 2014|07:01 pm]

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I kind of loved this one when I was a kid, and I’m not sure why.  The plot contrivance is ludicrous, even by BSC standards, and the ending is both disturbing and a bit offensive.  On the other hand, I think I really just enjoyed the settings and descriptions of mysteries 10-15, with the exception of Dawn and the Dull Surfer Ghost.  A library! A museum! A mall!  I like those things! Also, I think I tend to like anything where the BSC has to get classified by their single-dimension traits, including Chapter 2s that use “clever” devices like charm bracelets or what animal would they be or what reality show would they star in?  (Or is that one just me?)  And in general, Ann and the ghosties’ attempts to come up with store names and descriptions are often hilarious.


Well, I will begin by saying Claud’s flared pants and leather jacket are actually pretty cute, even if her pose is weird.  Chic, sophisticated Stacey is wearing the junior miss version of an outfit my mom might wear to go to a church budget committee meeting, but her hair actually looks like it might have been permed at one point.

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Mary Anne's Makeover - Part 3 - Chapters 11-15 [Sep. 19th, 2014|09:21 pm]

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Phew, sorry this entry is a bit late. Went away to a beautiful cottage in Wales over the weekend with some awesome people - you know, the sort you can sit with whilst having a book for 8 year olds on your lap and no questions asked when you say, "for snarking."

This is so, so painful. I'd recommend getting a tea or something stronger before the beginning of the end.

Part 1
Part 2

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Phew. Thankfully, my next snark will be Claudia and the Great Search, which possesses more comedy gold and less years shaved off my life.
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Karen Brewer Meme [Sep. 18th, 2014|01:12 am]

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Hi all. I was rereading snarks tonight and when I read some of the LS ones, I got this idea in my head and just couldn't get it out. So, I decided to make it into a meme. Hope you like it!

I'm sure there's plenty more you could make up, too.

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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2014|03:43 pm]

Hope this post is allowed, if not feel free to delete (or ask me to delete!)

Yeah, it’s about two months ago I discovered this community, and I’m still amazed that such a place actually exists! I’ve been reading up those past months going through older and new posts, and I’m just loving it. Delightful posts to read!

I might snark a BSC-book in the future, but I don’t feel I’m up to that just yet. I just want to share with you my BSC-weirdness as a Belgian fan (well in my youth, but recently found some BSC-books in a thrift store and thought it would be fun to reread
them- and thus somehow I ended here :)). I don’t know if anyone from Belgium or the Netherlands has ever written here, but I think for us there was some extra, cherry-on-top weirdness added. Sorry if I’m repeating things everyone knows already though, please forgive me then!

See, these books weren’t only translated into Dutch, they were also altered. Making these girls not American citizens, but Dutch citizens. And that might have worked for the first handful of books, but pretty quickly some problems arise here and there. Also, the names of most of the characters where altered, which was mainly weird when I found the English books and had to figure out who's who. There’s so many things that didn’t really add up when I read these at first, as much as I liked the books, until I finally realised these where translated. Then on one of our England-trips I found the books in English and well, a lot of stuff did make more sense at that point.

For instance, the Dutch language isn’t as widespread as the English language. There are different accents all right (especially between Dutch and Flemish, which is like American English vs English English), but except from Belgium and the Netherlands the language is not that common in other parts of the world. And Belgium and the Netherlands as a whole is still quite small, so distances and all are warped in the books as well.

So when Dawn (‘Betty’ in our books) came along in book n°5? There’s no sun over here (not compared to Californian sun), she had to come from Suriname. Which wasn’t impossible, but still, weird all together. Especially when the book ‘California Girls’ came out, there’s a whole lot of weird stuff going on to match Hollywood and California to the visit to Paramaribo.

Logan (‘Tim’) at least just came from a different part in Holland where they have a weird accent(which I believe isn’t really different from the original), and Jessi –she got to keep her name!- came from Belgium (whee!), but they never emphasize the accent there, which I always thought weird. I can’t remember where the Hobbard kids where supposed to have lived before, but definitely not Holland….

Stacey (‘Petra’) is not from New York, of course, but from Amsterdam (which could work, since Manhattan was once called New Amsterdam). So colour me confused at this being the Walhalla of cool. Because yes, nice city it is, but not on the top list of coolness or “sophisticatedness”. Not in my book when I was young anyway. Not even now. Although, in views of what I read here, Stacey might fit right in in the red light district….(haha)

Another difference is that legal driving age over here is 18. So Kristy (‘Gertie’)’s brother Charlie (‘Nico’) is 18, as he had to be able to drive. Fair enough, but even if my brother had been able to drive when we were 13, he would not have been chauffeuring around for us (unless if it wasn’t his car, and mum made him). And for so little money?!

Even weirder was the ‘older Guy’ that Dawn falls for. He was 18 in our books (because, again, had to be able to drive). So if you thought 16/17 (not sure how old the guy is in US-books) was a big age difference and yuck, yeah well :/

I'm going to leave it for now, because I feel like I'm rambling on. But this was my first contribution, and if anyone wants to hear a snark from the Dutch viewpoint, just let me now ;)

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Boy Crazy Stacey Chapters 1-5 [Sep. 15th, 2014|10:12 pm]

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#74 Kristy and the Copycat Part 2 [Sep. 15th, 2014|05:08 pm]

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Previously, on Death of a Shed
Picture is admittedly not that relevant, but neither is the book
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Mary Anne Misses Logan! Part The End! [Sep. 13th, 2014|11:49 am]

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Hey, folks! Sorry I'm late on this. I caught my yearly cold and was just shacked up in bed going through tea and tissues. But I'm feeling a little better and thought I'd better finish this snark up. Also, I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the spellcheck not working? I rely on it because I'm not a great speller. So, sorry if there's some spelling mistakes here. My word also has no spellcheck so I'm pretty well boned. But here's hoping you enjoy my snark even if I'm pretty dumb. Let's go!

Part 1!         Part 2!

-Song of the Day-

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OK, I'm Doing This [Sep. 13th, 2014|06:34 pm]

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What's up, guys? Don't even know if this is the right place to post this kind of thing, but it's a link to a parody, and the snarks I have posted to this board read like fanfics anyway. So, here we go!

I started a fic where the BSC goes to England (traveling in a flying Junk Bucket thanks to Janine's genius) with some of their American charges in tow to babysit four year-old Harry Potter and Dudley Dursley when all the English sitters have run away screaming, and Vernon and Petunia are desperate to get out of town. Accidental magic, snark, friendships, snark, and a 'Prince Brat and the Whipping Boy'-esque case of mistaken identity ensue. HP/Andrew Brewer/Jenny P friendship. Harry also develops an innocent crush on Janine.

The fic is called "Break with the Babysitters" and can be found here: It is one chapter in, and I hope to update at least once a week.

Edit: Chapter 2 now up!!! Enjoy!
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Abby and the Best Kid Ever (1-7) [Sep. 9th, 2014|08:02 pm]

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I am just warning you all now that this one is going to be bad for my blood pressure. I fucking HATE how the BSC treat Lou McNally in both of her books, and I have a steaming pot of sympathy for Lou. She's actually one of my favorite BSC kids.

I'm snarking the two Lou books out of order so here's a recap: Lou first appears in Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever as the Papadakis' foster child. Her father died, her mother walked out on her when she was very young, and she has been separated from her older brother Jay and placed in several foster homes. That being said, she's not the happiest sugariest child in the world and the BSC hate that. Now, after her stint as "the worst kid ever" (which was really nothing worse than any generally rambunctious kid), she and Jay have been adopted by her aunt and uncle and she also has a new dog (her old one ran away).

Let me start with the cover: I HATE when dresses and feminine clothing are used to portray a girl as "good and sweet" or to portray a former tomboy as "reformed." I'm a tomboy. I wear dresses, but I don't like to wear them all the time (at the time I discovered this book I did not wear dresses at all). I hate the idea that a girl has to wear dresses and ruffly blouses and skirts to be a "good girl." Because I'm not gonna do that. What message does this cover send tomboyish girls? That you're inherently bad if you're a tomboy and you have to wear dresses and grow your hair out if you want to be a "good kid?" I actually walked out of a show at Disneyworld because it portrayed a tomboyish girl as unattractive and undesirable until she wore her hair down, wore flowers, and put on a long skirt. -_- Then and only then did she get the guy.

And all is well and good until she meets the BSC again.Collapse )
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